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Our programs fall into three main categories. Social/Support Programs exist to give queer youth a safe space to be themselves and connect with other queer young people. GSA Programs support and empower queer youth and the adults who support them in schools. Youth Empowerment Programs are where we started; they give young folks the tools, experience, and space they need to make things happen!


Social/ Support Programs

All our Social/Support Programs are youth led and facilitated with support and supervision from Q Plus staff members. They are open to middle and high school students unless otherwise specified (we can refer you to other groups if you’re outside this age range). 

Game Night currently meets on Zoom and follows a rotating schedule. We meet on Tuesdays 7--9 PM during the school year, but will switch to Thursdays 7--9 PM for the months of July and August. Game themes include tabletop role playing games (first of the month), team games (second of the month), board games (third of the month), and pen and paper games (fourth of the month). 

Support & Discussion Group currently meets on Zoom. We meet on Wednesday 7--9 PM during the school year, but will switch to Tuesdays 7--9 for the months of July and August. Discussions are peer facilitated and supported by Q Plus staff and a counselor from YWCA New Britain, and always center on topics identified by members of the group. 

Activity Night currently meets on Zoom on Fridays from 7--9 PM through June, and will take a break for the months of July and August. Programs include movies, guest speakers, and craft activities.


GSA Programs

GSA Programs are free for students to attend, and intended for middle and high school students (with college expansions coming soon). 

GSA Google Classrooms are available for students and GSA-supporting adults (advisors, interns, counselors, social workers, etc). Both classrooms feature a monthly discussion post and are full of relevant often-updated resources like scholarship lists, event calendars, and tip pages on things like running a meeting, navigating healthcare, and much more. 

GSA Meetups currently meet monthly on Zoom, alternating between one for youth and one for supporting adults. We discuss current events, compare school experiences, and brainstorm solutions to challenges GSAs around the state are facing. 

GSA Visits are when one or more of our staff attend your GSA meeting! Each visit is different; we can play a game, have a deep discussion, plan an event, or work on a project your GSA is leading. 

GSA Consultations are free to advisors and teachers; just set up a time to chat with us! 

Staff Trainings are available on a sliding scale. Contact us (q.plus.ct@gmail.com) for more information!


Youth Empowerment Programs

Youth empowerment is our core value, and is important in all programs; this is why our youth facilitators are paid staff, and why group members are encouraged to help shape programs. 

Youth Team members are paid above minimum wage to plan and facilitate Q Plus events and activities with the guidance and support of Q Plus adult staff. They are also invited to speak on panels, facilitate youth workshops, and attend trainings.

GSA Ambassadors are student leaders who link their schools and GSAs to Q Plus, and are invited to some of the same opportunities as the Youth Team. 

Open Mics celebrate and affirm queer youth and their art! Events are open to youth drag, song, dance, poetry, writing, visual art, and more. Open mics are hosted by, and include performances from, pre-screened adult drag performers! We have hosted several in person, but they are online only for now! 

Adulting Crash Courses inform and empower youth by educating them on topics they’re expected to understand as adults despite public schools seldom addressing them. Topics include financial literacy (taxes, credit scores), safer sex, healthier relationships, and healthy cooking on a budget. Workshops are delivered with fun and humor by local guests. 

Q Plus Summer Camp is a social justice and leadership program full of discussion, guest speakers, workshops, and more. The program starts on Monday July 12th and runs for four weeks, with the fifth week including a Resource Fair highlighting more ways to get involved and a Camp Celebration featuring presentations by the ‘campers.’


Coming Soon... 

We’re doing so much, and there’s so much more we want to do! As our reach and staff continue to grow, our programs will too. We’d like to start offering some identity-specific support groups soon, as well as some young adult (18+) programs and resources. We’re also planning to launch a social justice leadership program in the fall that will provide more in-depth exploration and action on topics introduced in the summer program. 

We’ll be re-launching our in-person programming in baby steps. For now, we’re just offering a couple outdoor activities over the summer, including two youth workshops in a park as part of Middletown Pride. We’re open to hearing more about what kind of outdoor or online youth programming you’d like to collaborate on! Email us at q.plus.ct@gmail.com!