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Q Plus is grassroots, community-based, youth-led, and volunteer-run. We are a group of teens, young adults, and older adult supporters. We work to create more youth accessible spaces, uplift youth voices, and empower youth. Our overall goal is to create space for queer youth to be authentically and entirely themselves. Every event and program we support is born of a need identified by queer young people, rather than suggested by adults. Our plan is to continue changing and evolving as the needs of queer youth continue to change and evolve.


Q Plus Programs


Game Night


The games we play on Game Night are based on a rotating schedule: first Tuesdays are a table top role playing game, second Tuesdays are for online team games, third Tuesdays are for board games, and fourth Tuesdays are for pen-and-paper games.

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EVERY dollar you donate goes directly to supporting youth programming! Your donations support things like our Zoom account and thank-you stipends to the people who run workshops or cofacilitate weekly groups (prioritizing teen volunteers first). When things reopen, we'll need funds to support in-person events for things like renting venues and buying food.


"When an individual is protesting society’s refusal to acknowledge his dignity as a human being, his very act of protest confers dignity on him."

Bayard Rustin


Contact Q+

Get in touch with us at Q+ to learn more about our work, or to let us know about what events or injustices are happening around you!

(860) 531-2638

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